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Upcoming Beach Programs

Shane Spellman
Beach Volleyball Director
(860) 917-3598

Beach volleyball lessons

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Coach Shane Spellman

Official Sponsor of Grit Volleyball

The mission of Grit Volleyball is to foster a positive environment where indoor and beach volleyball players have the opportunity to reach their potential. 

2019-2020 Indoor Coaches

TEAM Head Coach Assistant Coach
Grit 12 Gold Seng Chiu Pat Smith
Grit 13 Gold Brad Wright Chris White
Grit 14 Gold Len Palaschak Stacy Brown
Grit 15 Gold Jacquie Palaschak Terran Bargeron
Grit 16 Gold Nicki Holmes Len Palaschak
Grit 17 Gold Brianna Barry Shane Spellman
Grit 18 Gold Mike Carroll Cameron Rodrigues
Grit 15 NOVA Charles Ezigbo
Grit 17 Cavaliers Brad Wright Kim Riordan


Class of 2021
Grace Frigaard: Radford University


Class of 2020
Annika Stevens: California State University, Northridge 
Elena Sanchez: Missouri State University
Emma Cooper: Stevenson University
Jess Twilley: University of Alabama-Birmingham

Peyton Yamagata: Texas Christian University

Class of 2021
Ella Yates: University of Oregon
JuJu Quintero: Pepperdine University


Upcoming Indoor Programs

Seng Chiu
Executive Director
(703) 597-5553

Indoor volleyball lessons

Click the coach's name to book a volleyball lesson: 

 Coach Seng Chiu     

Coach Brad Wright 

Coach Shane Spellman