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Shane Spellman
Beach Volleyball Director
(860) 917-3598

Upcoming Beach Programs


The mission of Grit Volleyball is to foster a positive environment where indoor and beach volleyball players have the opportunity to reach their potential. Dulles Volleyball is now Grit Volleyball.

Seng Chiu, Executive Director
Contact: (703) 597-5553 or

Official Sponsor of Grit Volleyball


Class of 2019
Taylor James: Presbyterian College



Class of 2019
Abby Sharlun: Coastal Carolina
Ashton Dunnigan: Coastal Carolina
Dani Conover: University of Tampa

Jules Oravec: University of Central Arkansas
Maria Kowal: Arizona State University
Peyton Gray: University of South Carolina
Sammi Wilden: Stetson University

Class of 2020
Elena Sanchez: Missouri State University
Izzy O'Bryan: Tulane University

Peyton Yamagata: Texas Christian University

Class of 2021
JuJu Quintero: Pepperdine University

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Coach John Critzer   Coach Shane Spellman

John Critzer
Indoor Volleyball Director
(719) 482-8026

Upcoming Indoor Programs