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Caroly "Carly" Lindgren

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Natalia Rodriguez

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Hannah DeGregory

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Brenna Jones

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Adriana Anderson

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Anna Capobianco

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Sydney Prezioso

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Haley Sneath

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Zoe Ginsburg

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Sara Spence

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Austin Raymer

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Yanna Willett

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Derek Baxter

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Len Palaschak

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Mike Carroll

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Len Palaschak AC·Assistant Coach

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Coach Len Palaschak (Coach P.) is in his thirteenth season as the Head Coach of the W.T.Woodson Cavaliers and currently coaches USAV Juniors with Grit Volleyball Club.  He has a Bachelor of Arts from Creighton University in Omaha, NE.  Coach Palaschak has coached and played European Club, USVBA,, and U.S. Military Post men's and Women's teams.  He is highly respected among his peers as one of the top coaches in the area as noted by his recognition as the Northern Region Coach of the Year as and District Coach of the Year for more than one season.  He is a member of the American Volleyball Coaches Association, NFHS Coaches Association, VHSL Coaches Association, AAU and AAU Positive Coaching Alliance, USA Volleyball Impact and CAP 1 trained and Gold Medal Squared (GM2) trained. Coach Palaschak is married to Kris Palaschak and has four children and one grandchild.